Marawi Assignment with Canon XA25

I have recently been commissioned by RT News as video journalist-fixer in the conflict zone Marawi, the city besieged by the Jihadist Maute group in Lanao Del Sur, Philippines.

My primary concern, of course, is the camera. I have been contributing news videos since 2014 and my main camera has always been my Canon 60D DSLR because of it’s long battery life, nice bokeh and flippable LCD. For the interview audio, either I plug in a shotgun mic, a lavalier mic or use a separate audio recorder combined with a good phantom-powered lapel microphone. Marawi03But Marawi assignment calls for a more run-and-gun type of camera. I didn’t want to be fidgeting on buttons and menus between takes in a war zone.

I was going to acquire a good video camera for this but Gonzalo, my Spanish reporter, brought a Canon XA25 video camera.


My career as a freelance video journalist is now at stake with this camera because firstly, I wasn’t familiar with it. Secondly, the onscreen menus and functions are in Spanish. You can imagine my ordeal. But of course, Gonzalo is kind enough to always give me a hand especially on the first day.

First Impression

Canon XA25 is rather small for a ‘professional’ video camera. I was like, ‘Oh, man, this is going to be painful.’ Because it’s always easier shooting a reporter live with a video camera that can be put on your shoulder but surprisingly, this cam is light and has a really good steady shot capability. It was a piece of cake, really, to be holding it with both hands.

Now, my correspondents love walking while reporting. It’s dynamic, it gives the right feel for a war-zone coverage and shows the viewers around; but it can also be a real challenge for the cameraman because he’ll be watching for a lot of different things at the same time–framing, focusing, footing and audio.  It means that I had to walk backwards while watching my reporters’ steps to synchronize mine so that we bounce at the same time to lessen jerks in the frame and make sure that I didn’t stumble while keeping him/her properly focused and at the center of the frame and be able to show whatever around us that he/she wants to show, like bullet holes on building walls, at the right time in the report as I listen and watch out for any ambient noise which might ruin the audio. With a DSLR, which works more or less like a 35mm film camera,  I would be needing a camera assistant to take care of focusing and a camera stabilizer, like a Steadicam, to pull this off. With the Canon XA25, I did it–with relative ease.


With just a week of using the Canon XA25, I have not fully explored all of its functions but for the Marawi assignment, I like a list of what it can do:

#1 – It has this intelligent face/multi-face detect feature which, once set with a tap on the screen, focusing was not an issue at all. Astounding!

#2 – I couldn’t find the manual aperture setting. I didn’t have the time to study but I never needed it anyway. It seemed to give me just the right exposure. I think it comes with the face detect feature. For a while I was worried about it because most cameras, set at auto-exposure setting would give nasty and noticeable changes in exposure. That did not happen.

#3 – I had difficulty isolating audio input channels. I think I tried every combination but both channels keep getting in. I must be doing something wrong but since my handheld mic level is clear enough, I decided to hit record even when the ambient sound from my shotgun mic is a bit too high for me. Upon editing footage, I was so happy channels were recorded separately. Meaning, I had separate controls for each channel’s audio levels. I was able to lower down ambient sound as necessary and enhance my reporters’ voices for better quality. Maybe this feature is not new for professional cameras but in such a small ‘news’ camera–it made me really want to have my own Canon XA25.

#4 – Once in a hot-spot, I had my 300mm lens on my Canon 60D ready, which, with its image sensor crop factor, works like 480mm, to catch those house-to-house military activities from afar but I was amazed to find out that Canon XA25 can zoom in about the same distance–even a little closer.


With my heavy flak jacket, it was a real treat having such a light professional, easy-to-use news camera. It was quick to draw when something comes up along the road.
The only thing I probably want to come with this camera are big, long-lasting batteries because using it all day drained all my four batteries.


I have not read any detailed ‘professional’ review on this video camera yet. I don’t even know, as of writing, whether it’s a new model or an ‘obsolete’ but all I needed to document the conflict in Marawi, to film and to please my insatiable correspondents, who came all the way from Europe, is in this camera. #


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