One Dog Day Afternoon

Photo of RT Ruptly Journalist doing interview at Whole Pet Kitchen

Filming Whole Pet Kitchen for RT Ruptly feature as captured by Cher of Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

On the job: An assignment to feature the plain awesome resto Whole Pet Kitchen for RT Ruptly. Photo borrowed from Cher’s blog site Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy.


Adrenaline Shot

Project: RT Ruptly “Philippines: Protesters burn effigy, get hit by water cannons”
Credit: Video Journalist

I got the best shots of this rally dangling on to a safe gap of razor-wire-adorned iron fence. It was a sweet concoction of art, passion, endurance and a bit of insanity but when finally people at the other side of the world see them–ahh, that’s when my lonesome work becomes an awesome adventure!

Film Education

Now this is a gem for a never-graduating film student like me. This find is the most comprehensive film education I have stumbled upon so far. A film analysis of one of my favorite films, story and cinematography-wise, “Prisoners” in a 30-minute intensive video essay by Must See Films.

A Sad Assignment

Project: RT Ruplty “Philippines: Chinese fishermen detained for ‘killing 234 turtles’
Credits: Video Journalist

Being a video journalist is equally challenging and rewarding but for this particular assignment, the sadness is just too overwhelming to compensate.

How to Easily Write Script for your Documentary

There are a lot of tutorials and reading materials out there that teach scriptwriting but this video by TheDVWorkshop is so simple and comprehensive that you can make a great story out of your materials in no time. Even for those who deal with different contents for every project, it’s nice to have this in your folder to refresh your techniques on your next documentary.